“Kanter & Associates is more than just accounting services. They take a comprehensive approach to running a business on all levels. They have helped me build my business and genuinely care about me and the success of my company. At the end of the day Kanter makes me feel like more than just a client. If you are looking to grow your business, I highly recommend working with Kanter & Associates.”

Jen King, Jen B. King Consulting, LLC.

“We have been in Oldsmar for 30 years and have worked with several CPA’s during that time. Kanter and Associates have been by far, the best fit. They took the time to truly learn and understand our business and offer real operational guidance and support. They are never too busy to answer questions and/or to offer advice. The level of detailed information found in financial documents can be staggering and Kanter teaches you how to understand the numbers and implement changes accordingly. I would strongly recommend any business owner looking to grow their business or get the most out of their current business to work with Kanter and Associates, CPAs.”

Ava Grubman, StellarNet, Inc.
“Kanter and Associates has been instrumental in helping me organize and manage my books as well as my business by providing me with monthly financials in a timely manner, and providing any and if not all accounting questions. This has helped us create a strong internal infrastructure. They are results driven and easily accessible for support when needed. I would highly recommend Kanter and Associates to businesses who need assistance or guidance from a promising and trusted accounting firm.”

Kanter & Associates have been great to work with. They respond very quickly when I ask a question, and have no problem explaining things to me when needed. They are a joy to work with and are very professional.

Betty Archambault, BGA School Buses, Inc.

“If a business came to me needing business advice and direction I would definitely send them to Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A. Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A. can do everything from the ancillary payroll and tax strategy planning to advising you on business strategies and practices, taking you from where you are to where you can be. We are a small family owned and operated business that looks to our accountant to speak upon reliable business practices as well as sound financial methods and we found that with Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A. We were able to consolidate a lot of services that we had spread out between different service companies. We had an accountant, we had a business advisor and we also had a payroll company and I was able to pull all those under one umbrella through Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A.”

Melissa Johnson, Bast Floors & Staircases

“I have been working with Brad Kanter, President of Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A.s and his team, for the past 11 years and they have been extremely instrumental in the growth of my business. Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A.s has been one of our advocates throughout the years and I really give them credit for helping me stabilize and grow my business during a down economy. They care so much about my business that they stay abreast of my industry by following the news nationally and locally. It’s almost feels like Brad Kanter is a co-owner. Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A. not only takes the time to properly do your finances but to teach you, the business owner, how to use those financial statements as the most critical planning tool for your future.”

Diane Kortus, Community News Publications

“I started my business 6 years ago and had to hire a formal accountant.  After a few attempts that just didn’t “gel” with me and my vision, someone recommended Kanter & Associates.  Since partnering with K&A I have not looked back and am confident that K&A services are vital to the healthy position my business is in today.  They provide the type of business support and feedback that helps me understand what’s working well and what’s not working well so I can fix the concerns and focus on what’s important.  K&A and my business are lifelong partners, and I can take that “to the bank”.

Megan Kitchner, Atlantic TNG

“I really feel like we are arm and arm (true partners).  Thank you for such thorough work”

Kevin King, Momentum Fleet Services

“Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A. has definitely gone above and beyond just being our accounting firm. They are definitely more like a consulting firm that has a positive, vested interest in the well-being of our company. Brad Kanter, President of Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A. is extremely personable and approachable. He builds a trust based upon his actions and he has a really great communication style which makes him easy to relate to. Kanter & Associates P.A., C.P.A. is not just there to file our taxes, but to roll up their sleeves and become part of our business.”

“I had a great experience with the Kanter team! This is the second year I have used them and have been very happy with the results both times. Jonathan was very professional and quick to respond with emails and phone calls. He worked hard to get me the best return possible, and I don’t feel like there was anything left on the table. I will have no questions using them again in the future for years to come, and highly recommend you consider using them as well.”

Ross Ruffkess, Individual Tax Client

The Kanter & Associates team was instrumental in setting up and leveraging our clients’ claims in litigation crossing multiple cases involving the same parties.  Brad’s reporting and key deposition testimony in the shareholder derivative component of the cases was critically important in achieving significant concessions from the other side in advance of a major evidentiary hearing on injunction and appointment of receiver requests. 

Brad’s testimony was so compelling that our opposing counsel actually proposed to use Brad and his team to serve as the company’s CPA going forward and to conduct a retrospective accounting of the company’s finances and reporting as a compromise alternative to the appointment of a costly receiver.  The Kanter team not only got us incredible ammunition to push our position forward, which led to outstanding results, but did so in an easy-to-manage and collaborative process on a time and cost efficient basis and under tight time constraints. 

I highly recommend the Kanter team for litigation support and expert services in the field.  Brad’s strategic mindset and broad skill set are a smart match for complex cases that involve many moving parts.  For example, in our case, Brad undertook fraud examiner/auditing duties as well as business valuation issues.  Having Kanter serve this dual role not only kept the cost to our client down, but it also helped us avoid mis-steps in each expert category because both areas were game-planned together..”

Gabriel Pinilla, Attorney, The Solomon Law Group

I am a local attorney (in Oldsmar) who has practiced law for approximately 41 years. I have had the privilege ousing the Kanter & Associates, PA, CPA's not only as my, and my firm's CPAs, but as forensic experts in civil litigation, including dissolution of marriage and fraud/embezzlement. I would unconditionally refer them.

In a recent divorce case concerning a client who enjoyed a very substantial annual income, including bonuseswe used Kanter Associates to prepare an expert analysis and report concerning the unsustainability of the current level of temporary alimony. Brad Kanter testified at the trial. We were able to obtain a satisfactory ruling from the Court.

We also recently represented a client whoas an officer and director of a local homeowner's association, was falsely accused of embezzlement. With Brad  Kanter's forensic review of all of the Association's bank accounts, we were able to convince law enforcement and the Association that she was innocent of any wrongdoing. This is remarkable given that opposing counselwho ivery experienced in these mattersalleged that it was the worst case of embezzlement that he had ever seen in his practice.

I will use Kanter & Associates in the future for any of my forensic CPA needs.”

Skip Dayhoff, Law Office of Charles S. Dayhoff III, PLLC

I just received the notice of the IRS releasing the tax lien.
Thank you so much for your assistance in getting this resolved. Your efforts are much appreciated

Just wanted to let you know that recent dealings with your office in preparation of my return has been a good experience you offered helpful information in a clear and understanding manner, a pleasure to deal with. .”

I had a great experience with you, thank you for all your help!.”


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