5 Reasons Why Delivering a Memorable Customer Experience Is Important For Your Business

“Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where business is going to be won or lost.” In today’s era, the customer is the king and the biggest game changer for any business. In fact, companies who deliver an exceptional consumer experience achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, decreased customer churn and enhanced revenues. So what exactly is customer experience? Customer … Read More

Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses

There are a number of end of year tax planning strategies that businesses can use to reduce their tax burden for 2018. Here are a few of them: Deferring Income Businesses using the cash method of accounting can defer income into 2019 by delaying end-of-year invoices, so payment is not received until 2019. Businesses using the accrual method can defer … Read More

When is the right time for a Fraud Check-Up?

The right time is NOW! Let us help you identify your potential vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to help protect against Fraud & mitigate risk – Today! OR CLICK HERE