Controller Embezzles $1.1 MIL

Vanessa Vence-Small So much for brand loyalty. When the controller of a Connecticut BMW store used embezzled funds to buy a car, she didn’t opt for a 3 series or an M240i convertible. Nope, Vanessa Vence-Small chose a Mustang. And the $50,000 Ford sports car made nary a dent in the more than $1.1 million Vence-Small stole between October 2014 … Read More

When is the right time for a Fraud Check-Up?

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Now licensed in Washington DC!

Sneek Peek into the upcoming year. We are committed to the continued growth of our business. Washington DC is a prime market for Kanter & Associates to expand into. Our business model and services offered with an emphasis on Forensic Accounting fit well with the demographic. More information coming soon!

How to Prevent Fraud in a Small Business

Small businesses are the most vulnerable to occupational fraud and abuse, according to the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). In its 2002 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, ACFE cites that the smallest organizations, 100 employees or less, suffered higher median losses than did the largest organizations (10,000 employees or more). While the largest companies suffered losses of … Read More

Small Business Fraud – The Trusted Employee

Small businesses have it rough. They’re particularly vulnerable to fraud because they lack the resources to implement complete systems of internal controls and properly segregate accounting duties among their limited staffs. The following is a scenario seen all too often… Bob and his brother, Bill, owners and operators of Acme Tractor for 30 years, were close to retirement. A local … Read More

Congratulations to Brad Kanter on his CFE Certification!

According to the ACFE, the designation Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is “Recognized as the ‘Gold Standard” and requires a comprehensive understanding of the following major disciplines of fraud examination:   1. Fraud Prevention and Deterrence 2. Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes 3. Investigation 4. Law/Litigation Questions for Management: Are you vulnerable to fraud? Do you have adequate controls in place … Read More