5 Reasons Why Delivering a Memorable Customer Experience Is Important For Your Business

“Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where business is going to be won or lost.” In today’s era, the customer is the king and the biggest game changer for any business. In fact, companies who deliver an exceptional consumer experience achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, decreased customer churn and enhanced revenues. So what exactly is customer experience? Customer … Read More

How Important is Accounting… Really?

Accounting isn’t sexy… it’s not exciting… it’s just necessary. But what if I told you, as a small business owner, it’s the MOST important part of your business? Don’t believe me? Think about it; no matter what you make, what you sell or how you sell it, you will have no idea how you are doing without proper numbers.  You need … Read More

5 Types of Toxic Employees (and how to manage them)

There’s that one person – the “bad apple” who has nothing positive to say, riles up other staff and can make work life miserable. Do you fire her/him? What feedback do you give? How do you mitigate the damage he/she inflicts? Getvoip.com put together this great infographic

Beware of “Magic Bullets”

I heard a commercial on the radio the other day. A very confident voice saying, “I was able to grow my business by using (some accounting software), in fact, I can run my business from a dashboard on my phone!” Like some sort of “Magic Bullet… I understand the marketing aspect of this statement. The reality is, you can have the … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Hiring A Business Consultant

IS THERE A NEED TO HIRE A BUSINESS CONSULTANT? Who Should Read This? This guide is written for all business owners and executives who want to get help turning their company, one area at a time, into a best-in-class operation. It is especially aimed at small business owners and especially anyone who may need to access capital or implement a … Read More

How to delegate work to be a successful leader

Delegation skills may be one of the most neglected supervisory competencies in business. This is unfortunate because supervisors who do not delegate effectively are usually so busy putting out the fires in their inbox that they are too busy to develop their people, too busy to plan, and too busy to think about how the big picture impacts their work. … Read More

6 Reasons to Outsource Your Company’s Accounting Functions

Even though we are a CPA firm, we still recognize no matter how incredibly important accounting is in ANY organization, it is time-consuming and gets in the way of the “fun stuff”, that is – revenue generating business functions. This in the main reason we’ve seen the increased trend of outsourcing these functions to outside CPA firms. But how do … Read More

Small Business Year End Reminders

Small Business Year End Reminders As we say farewell to 2017, we hope you’ve had a good year and look forward to a successful 2018. Take note of some important year-end information below: Tax Deadlines December 31 – For Cash Basis taxpayers Year End bonuses to corporate owners must be paid to be deductible; simply accruing them is not acceptable. … Read More