Beware of “Magic Bullets”

I heard a commercial on the radio the other day. A very confident voice saying, “I was able to grow my business by using (some accounting software), in fact, I can run my business from a dashboard on my phone!” Like some sort of “Magic Bullet…

I understand the marketing aspect of this statement. The reality is, you can have the best software on the planet but if the data is being entered incorrectly it is instantly rendered useless! Furthermore, some level of understanding and analysis is needed to translate the information into actionable items.

Think of it this way – Just because I wear Air Jordans, doesn’t mean I can play basketball, professionally!

Having adequate software is certainly important but having adequate accounting and operational support is absolutely critical for ALL businesses. I meet small business owners daily who have a great product or service, a strong drive, determination and desire to be successful. They built their company themselves with little assistance. When we talk about the next steps, sometimes they know where they want to be but just aren’t sure how to get there. It’s these business owners that hear a commercial like this and think “That’s it! That’s what I need to get ahead” when in reality, they need a better grasp of the fundamentals.

Before you make a move to new software or the next “Magic Bullet” take a good look at your current accounting, finances,  process and procedures. If you want to increase the value of your business – that’s where you start.

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