Why a Forensic Accountant Belongs on Your Divorce Team

Divorce, boiled down to its most basic elements, is about dividing marital assets and debts. In some cases, the process is relatively simple: house, cars, bank accounts, credit card bills. Furniture and other belongings might go to one spouse or the other without much contention, based on who owned it before the marriage, or who cares more about owning it afterward. … Read More

Should a Company Own its Own Building? 

Here’s How to Determine When It Makes Sense Lease versus own. The question of paying rent stumps many executives. Here are the major factors to consider. Most entrepreneurs live, work, eat, and sleep their companies. How to operate more efficiently and profitably, improve customer experiences, and grow sustainably are frequent sources of inspiration and agitation. Usually, cutting costs while increasing equity represents a formula for success … Read More