How Important is Accounting… Really?

Accounting isn’t sexy… it’s not exciting… it’s just necessary. But what if I told you, as a small business owner, it’s the MOST important part of your business?

Don’t believe me? Think about it; no matter what you make, what you sell or how you sell it, you will have no idea how you are doing without proper numbers.  You need to have accurate numbers to know how much stuff you need to buy to make your widget or how many hours it will take you to build your product. You also need accurate information to know how much to pay in taxes or how many employees you can afford. Again – not sexy.

But let’s take a look at the next step. If your numbers are accurate then they tell a story. Historically, what is your best month, your best year? Can you grow? If so, how much? Why am I growing but have no cash? Should I get a loan? Will anyone lend me money?

Most business owners wear a lot of hats and often times don’t make time to plan by the numbers; either because they don’t understand how or just don’t like to. Believe it or not – this can be the downfall of your success – the thing keeping you from achieving your dreams.

This is where our passion kicks in. This is where it becomes SEXY. Not only can we save you time AND money by outsourcing your accounting, we will MAKE you money by reviewing and assessing your numbers. So much of what you do and how you do it can be clearly seen in your P & L and balance sheet. As we analyze your financials we will get more involved in the operations and find ways that will help you become more efficient and grow your business.

There is a reason why you are an entrepreneur. You want to blaze your own path, create your own wealth, pass on your legacy. Whatever the reason – it’s YOUR dream.  Want it? Go get it. But why do it alone?

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