Outsourcing Your Accounting Functions

Should You Outsource Your Accounting Functions? As your organization strives to use its resources as effectively as possible, you might at some point consider outsourcing the functions that fall under your accounting and financial umbrella. Here are some factors to weigh before making this important decision. What Are the Potential Advantages of Outsourcing? Companies often outsource work in areas that … Read More

Helping People Achieve Their DREAMS

Accounting isn’t sexy… it’s not exciting… it’s just necessary. But what if I told you, as a small business owner, it’s the MOST important part of your business? Don’t believe me? Think about it; no matter what you make, what you sell or how you sell it, you will have no idea how you are doing without proper numbers.  You need … Read More

Filing Deadline for S Corporation and LLCs is March 15th!

When it comes to income tax returns, April 15  isn’t the only deadline taxpayers need to think about. The federal income tax filing deadline for calendar-year partnerships, S corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) treated as partnerships or S corporations for tax purposes is March 15. While this has been the S corporation deadline for a long time, it’s only … Read More

Commitment VS Compliance

Think about a time when you were excited about what you were doing. Now think of a time when you were doing something because you had to. Were there differences in your effectiveness and productivity? Did you even have a sense of the difference in the emotion between the two situations as you thought about them now? Those differences are … Read More

2017 Tax Cut Act: Pass-Through Income

The new tax law is certainly complicated. Most of the questions we have received are regarding the effect on Pass-Through Entities. In order to give you the best and most complete explanations, we scour our resources of industry-specific software, respected colleagues, and professional associations. The following is a drilled down understanding of Section 199a (Pass-Through Income) of the new Tax Law. We’ll start with … Read More