Are the best business owners Control Freaks?

I hear it all the time, “Well, of course, you HAVE to stay in control…”

Generally, This thinking appeals to business owners who;

1. Don’t know how to find high quality, high performing staff and

have unconscious trust issues (I can’t trust anyone to do the job properly).

2. Have a big ego – and need to be seen as the almighty great leader to feel important

3. Need to be needed

4. Don’t understand the POWER of management and operational systems to solve problems (without intervention from the owner)

The truth is trying to stay in control can’t work when you want good profit, quality time off and peace of mind.

Even though being in control might be appealing, it tends to wrap the business around YOU. As your business gets busier it becomes more dependent on YOU. This leads to lack of fulfillment, extra stress, burnout,  and puts roadblocks on operational efficiencies that lead to greater levels of profit and free time for the owner. To make matters worse, if decisions and actions must always come back to you, then you become a bottleneck.

To build a business that can thrive without your constant input – you must change how you think and operate. As an example control is created through high-quality staff, management systems, controls, reporting, operational systems, management team etc.

These control solutions allow the business to run perfectly without you, the business owner having to control it.

Remember the rule of thumb  – build the business so you are not a cog in the day to day processes of the business.

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