4.13.20 IRS launches new on-line tool to help non-filers register for Economic Impact Payments

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How to use the on-line tool: To locate the tool, users will need to go to Non-filers: Enter Payment Info here, and provide basic information, including Social Security number, name, address, and dependent information and banking information for direct deposit. The IRS will use this information to confirm payment eligibility and calculations.

Taxes, information security and other concerns: The IRS states that using the tool in order to obtain an Economic Impact Payment won’t result in any taxes being owed. The IRS also advises potential recipients that entering bank or financial account information will allow the IRS to deposit the payment directly in the recipient’s account (otherwise, the payment will be mailed), that the site is secure, and that the information entered “will be safe.” The tool is based on Free File Fillable Forms, which are part of the Free File Alliance’s offerings of free products on IRS.gov.

More tools and resources: Finally, the IRS notes that to help recipients check on payment status, the IRS is building a second new tool, Get My Payment, which is expected to be available April 17, 2020 and will provide recipients such status information as the date the payment is scheduled to be deposited into the recipient’s account or mailed. The Get My Payment tool will also allow eligible recipients another chance to enter bank account information so as to receive the payment by direct deposit, rather than waiting for a paper check to be delivered by mail. However, this feature won’t be available if the Economic Impact Payment has already been scheduled for delivery. And as ever, the IRS will continue to post updates about these payments and other issues on IRS.gov/coronavirus.

References. For information about economic impact payments, see FTC 2d/FIN ¶A-4465.

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