Thomas Seeko, Next Step Planning Group

“There are so many accounting firms to choose from that it can be challenging to know if they are doing the best for you. I have personally interviewed dozens of accounting firms and my overall experience was mediocre. The clients I sent were getting poor service and maybe good work or they were getting poor work and great service. Most firms lacked balance and they reacted to what people wanted versus proactively helping, educating, and guiding people to make the best possible decisions for today and the future.

Eric and Brad are amazing with follow up, incredibly knowledgeable, and always full of enthusiasm. They are not afraid to speak the truth, tell you things that might seem taboo, and their focus is on finding balance between paying your fair share of taxes and understanding the impact over time. The firm takes a modern approach and strategically implements technology into the planning process to make things easier for the client while providing exceptional service. If you work with someone, are actively looking for someone, or haven’t spoken to anyone before regarding your taxes, I would highly suggest that you at least schedule a time to have a conversation with them.”

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