Gabriel Pinilla, Attorney, The Solomon Law Group

“The Kanter & Associates team was instrumental in setting up and leveraging our clients’ claims in litigation crossing multiple cases involving the same parties. Brad’s reporting and key deposition testimony in the shareholder derivative component of the cases was critically important in achieving significant concessions from the other side in advance of a major evidentiary hearing on injunction and appointment of receiver requests.

Brad’s testimony was so compelling that our opposing counsel actually proposed to use Brad and his team to serve as the company’s CPA going forward and to conduct a retrospective accounting of the company’s finances and reporting as a compromise alternative to the appointment of a costly receiver. The Kanter team not only got us incredible ammunition to push our position forward, which led to outstanding results, but did so in an easy-to-manage and collaborative process on a time and cost efficient basis and under tight time constraints.

I highly recommend the Kanter team for litigation support and expert services in the field. Brad’s strategic mindset and broad skill set are a smart match for complex cases that involve many moving parts. For example, in our case, Brad undertook fraud examiner/auditing duties as well as business valuation issues. Having Kanter serve this dual role not only kept the cost to our client down, but it also helped us avoid mis-steps in each expert category because both areas were game-planned together..”

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