Skip Dayhoff, Law Office of Charles S. Dayhoff III, PLLC

“I am a local attorney (in Oldsmar) who has practiced law for approximately 41 years. I have had the privilege of using the Kanter & Associates not only as my, and my firm’s CPAs, but as forensic experts in civil litigation, including dissolution of marriage and fraud/embezzlement. I would unconditionally refer them.

In a recent divorce case concerning a client who enjoyed a very substantial annual income, including bonuses, we used Kanter & Associates
to prepare an expert analysis and report concerning the unsustainability of the current level of temporary alimony. Brad Kanter testified at the trial. We were able to obtain a satisfactory ruling from the Court.

We also recently represented a client who, as an officer and director of a local homeowner’s association, was falsely accused of embezzlement. With Brad Kanter’s forensic review of all of the Association’s bank accounts, we were able to convince law enforcement and the Association that she was innocent of any wrongdoing. This is remarkable given that opposing counsel, who is very experienced in these matters, alleged that it was the worst case of embezzlement that he had ever seen in his practice.

I will use Kanter & Associates in the future for any of my forensic CPA needs.”

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